5 Things Getting Me Through Quarantine


     It seems like everyone is having a different kind of quarantine...


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     Some of our favorite celebs are turning into total dickheads, half of us are taking 10 free workout classes a day (while the other half just have 10 meals instead) - and none of us want to Facetime our friends sunning by the pool in LA...The only thing uniting is the fact that this has all been a bit of an emotional roller coaster - and Tiger King, obviously.

     We've had some good days and bad days, and we're all coping with it as best as we can...For some of us, those uncomfortable with relaxing, that means trying to stay as busy as possible, with distractions and projects! I wanted to share some of the ones that have helped me most during this time, since it doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. Hope it can be helpful for you also :)


1) Getting Creative

     I used to love art class, and would draw and paint so much in school and during my free time as a stress release. Being busy with work and moving a lot, I lost a lot of my art supplies and just let it fall by the wayside a little bit, but picking painting back up again has been almost therapeutic. 



+ Canvas Set - this is a great starter set; you can practice on one or two and then really create on the others (click link above)

+ Acrylic Paint Set(s) -  I've linked two sets I've bought before, but depending on your preference of how many colors you want.

+ Paint Brush Pack - this one is great bc it has a wide variety of shapes and sizes to give you many textures and movements in your paint strokes.

+ Adult Coloring Book - I've also linked my favorite adult coloring book and some pencils below in case you want to start small :) I LOVE doing this too!



2) Reading Actual Books

     I'm not hating on Kindles or audiobooks, I think they're awesome! But there's just something about sitting down with a physical book - maybe it's the smell of new pages or my love of libraries - but peeling your eyes away from a screen and really concentrating on a story feels out of this world now compared to when we were little! Below are the page-turners I've either read or been recommended over the past few weeks!




+ Love in the Time of Cholera - Seeing as we are in the time of Coronavirus, I thought this book would tell me how to find love now? So far...it's looking rough.

+ The Conscious Closet - this is a re-read for me! This book contains so much amazing information about sustainability and the fashion industry

+ Untamed - I've heard nothing but amazing things about this book, which is a tale of awakening, unburdening and unleashing the constraints which so often hold us back. 

+ 1984 - A predictive, dystopian novel about what happens under authoritarian regimes. It's hard to stress myself out with this one but it is a rather uncanny look into what's going from the past!

+ When Life Gives you Lululemons - a lighthearted beach read from the writer of The Devil Wears Prada. Most escapist of all the novels I have here, and probably why its my favorite right now :)

3) Mending Clothes

     I've been trying to be more conscious about how I spend money this year, especially as it pertains to fashion - join my #2020slowfashionchallenge - and quarantine really highlights this, as our finances are now all a bit less secure. While it may feel more instantly gratifying to hit "Buy" on a $350+ pair of tie dye sweats, I decided to take a look at some more affordable and sustainable items that would help me do my own clothing altering and repair! People have asked me what I think about reselling v mainstream fashion in the midst of all this, and I honestly believe people will be shopping and selling second-hand more than ever...its likely that with the loss of income, and uncertain job security to come, that people will be way more cautious with their spending, and thus will find more creative solutions. Thus, it's in your best interest to keep your clothes looking better, longer!


+ Tie Dye Kit - if you have some plain white cotton socks, tee shirts or sweaters laying around that could use a boost, this kit is so fun and simple to use! They even include some pattern suggestions but I would just up look some youtube tutorials.

+ Sewing Kit - this one has everything you need and travel-sized, for when we can actually go somewhere again ;)

+ Tide To Go Pen - seriously, these are life savers. Removes almost any kind of stain from clothing and fabrics. I keep these everywhere.

+ Crep Shoe Wipes - these are hands down the best footwear wipes. I used to use shout wipes when working at Nike, but these are so much better, and have two sides, one for scrubbing off set in dirt/stains, and another for smoother cleaning.

4) Helping Others

     Here at Bazar, you can purchase a huge array of sustainable clothing, with 10% of all proceeds benefitting Direct Relief - an organization that ensures healthcare workers receive the critical PPE and resources they need on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis - and another 10% benefitting a charity of your choice at checkout! If you have any clothing to donate, we can help you do that with a contact-free pick up and delivery to the organization you choose!

     The biggest thing we can do for our healthcare workers is to STAY HOME. I'm sure by now you have seen one or more of the heart-wrenching photos and videos coming from our nation's nurses and doctors in their hospital wards stating "We stay here for you, so please stay home for us" If you must go outside for an essential items trip - IE to the grocery store - I've linked an alternative (not medical grade - please save those for healthcare workers) mask below and some cleaning supplies that might not be readily available in stores:



 5) Don't Panic Pantry

     If you haven't watched comedian Iliza Schlesinger and her hubby cooking recipes together in their Quarantine Kitchen, please do because it is both hilarious and delicious! However, if you're like me - not married to a chef and definitely not what people might called "skilled" beyond mac and cheese - you are probably very much without some necessary equipment in your kitchen...here is what I needed!


+ Espresso Machine - a must have for the latte lovers among us who miss their favorite coffee shops and bff baristas :(

+ Baking Pans - for some reason I never picked these up before... I guess all that I've baked til now is muffins! These have been essential in creating all sorts of bars and breads - some healthy some not ;)

+ Pasta Strainer - again, somehow I've been struggling through life without one of these, but given that I eat pasta now for at least one meal a day, its an investment!

+ Tupperware Set - this a great glass set, BPA free and oven and dishwasher safe, and the perfect sizes for mains and sides. 


     Again, I know we are all going through our own journeys on this quarantine, but I hope that this list is helpful for someone, or provides any kind of resource that makes this weird, crazy time a little more bearable. Sending lots of positive thoughts and well wishes to everyone reading :)


Love, Kellie


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